Healthcare Startup Ardina Connects Patients, Doctors 24/7

Ardina news originally published by The Columbus Dispatch.

When Shaun Young’s child came down with pink eye over Easter weekend, it not only was every parent’s common experience, but it also helped support the idea behind Young’s fledgling company.

“Why is it the kids never get sick during business hours?” Young said, chuckling.

The company, Ardina, is a health-care membership company providing 24/7 telemedicine support with licensed physicians, plus discounts on out-of-pocket health-care expenses such as prescriptions and dental services.

It’s not a health-care plan; it’s a supplement to health-care plans. After Young launched Ardina last month, he likened it to a AAA auto-club membership.

“Like AAA has roadside assistance available 24/7, Ardina has a health-care professional available to talk,” he said.

Not that Young, 37, needed to talk to a doctor to answer questions about his child’s illness. Young started his working career as a pharmacist, “so I’ve been on the front line of health care,” he said. “Then I went to work at my first corporation, Wal-Mart, about the time the Affordable Care Act passed.”

Then he was vice president of consumer health care at Cardinal Health.

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