How GiveBackHack Inspires Social Change through Entrepreneurship

4th Annual GiveBackHack

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the solution for issues in your community? GiveBackHack might be the answer.

GiveBackHack is a weekend-long event that brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable, technology-based solutions to some of our most pressing social issues, and they are gearing up for their 4th Annual Columbus event!

For the past few years, Rev1 has been excited to be a part of the GiveBackHack buzz. It makes sense that Rev1 Ventures and GiveBackHack connect – Rev1 helps companies build products that inspire people, and GiveBackHack helps the bring the community together to inspire change.

Those who complete GiveBackHack are offered the opportunity to participate in Rev1’s Customer Learning Lab, a three-day learning program designed to give entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs the advice, guidance, and tools to identify and validate great products and services.

How does the weekend work? Friday, April 27, passionate community members will pitch innovative ideas to solve the most pressing social issues in Columbus. Saturday, April 28, participants form teams and build upon ideas for a sustainable, technology-based business. On Sunday, April 29, the teams will pitch to a panel of judges for the opportunity to earn funding, mentorship and other resources to move forward with their solution.

We lend our support to organizations that fuel the fire of social entrepreneurship, and GiveBackHack does just that.

Want to learn more and find future events? Click here to get involved.