Get to Know the Rev1 Portfolio

The Rev1 Portfolio is growing

After a year spent creating several new investment funds, we’re now preparing to close two early-stage investments which are among the largest our region has ever seen. I can’t wait to share the details with you.

As we prepare to make these investments, we must look ahead at the expected growth of these companies and other seed-stage companies that are making progress and the capital support they’ll need as they move beyond the startup phase and into the early growth stages.

In 2016, Rev1 supported 25 companies in their capital growth. Among our portfolio, nine companies grew from concept to seed stage and nine from seed to series A or early stage of growth. That’s real momentum we’ve not seen here before.

Though we’ve made amazing progress, the capital gap in our region is still very real. For every seed-stage company that raises a $1M round, they’ll likely need to raise a $5M+ series A round within two years.

How can you help?

That’s where your continued support is key. Your connections and voice will help elevate our work and amplify the stories of successful CBUS startups.

Get to know the Rev1 portfolio

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