From Cyber Security to Restaurant Automation: Meet our New Clients

From cyber security to a machine that rolls napkins and silverware for restaurants, our new clients all have one thing (at least) in common. They are technology businesses committed to market validation as the starting point for high growth and scalability.

Pre-seed stage entrepreneurship is fun. It’s exciting. There is something new every single day. The companies we work with make it so.

Meet the companies.

Alphamated creates automated solutions for the hospitality industry. The company’s first product is the Roller Xpress, a machine that automates the process that rolls silverware in a napkin. In terms of restaurant efficiency, that’s huge.

BreachSiren is a SaaS (software as a service) provider of cyber breach and loss data for healthcare, finance, and insurance industries. BreachSiren partners with federal, state, and industry regulators to aggregate and convert messy data into actionable, vendor-risk intelligence that third-party risk management (TPRM) teams can use to reduce spend, increase efficiency, and minimize risk.

Eisola, Inc. offers leading-edge technology to dynamically measure building efficiency and convert measurement data into carbon credits. Results can incentivize the market to value sustainability and financially reward adopters of this technology. Transitioning the world’s buildings to net zero is a key requirement to meet climate change goals. provides an AI-driven platform to help small-to-medium-sized businesses better measure their carbon footprint and identify opportunities for emissions in line with sustainability goals. integrates a firm’s relevant data sources to generate real-time and actionable emissions insights.

ParaWave is engineering drone technology that equips first response teams to easily assess large-scale emergencies from the air. ParaWave’s autonomy-enabling drones are crucial in saving lives during any emergency, whether it be search and rescue operations, house fires, or even building collapses. With these systems, first responders can save time and accurately triage resources during time-sensitive emergencies.

Retail Media One is developing an advertising platform to help retailers monetize online traffic by allowing brands to reach valuable customers at purchase. The platform will also allow brands to pay for premium product placement, allowing them to get discovered in a world of countless products. Retail Media One provides enhanced reporting to brands and marketers, including closed-loop attribution, historically, the elusive Holy Grail of advertising.

SeniorDev provides a web-based platform—developed for developers by developers—that uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence  to assist developers in writing and maintaining code. With immediate feedback during code reviews—including comments, documentation updates, and suggested unit tests—SeniorDev helps developers write better code faster.