EmployStream Helps Staffing Companies Speed Up Hiring

During the year, America’s staffing companies hire nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees. That works out to more than 300 thousand employees during an average week.

EmployStream, an Ohio startup, provides a mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform that helps these high-volume employers streamline their entire hiring process.

Solutions Built for the Staffing Industry by the Experts

According to the American Staffing Association, staffing employees work in virtually all occupations in all sectors. Most work full time; about half of staffing employees say it is a way to get a permanent job.

“We serve more than 130 customer companies from large to small,” Said Gerald Hetrick, CEO. “We deliver an amazing hiring experience for everyone involved. We improve all segments of the staffing business, from pre-qualification to time to hire to compliance, and more.”

For staffing firms, the key to creating a pipeline of talent is intake and pre-qualification. EmployStream streamlines the application process and integrates key hiring services such as jobs boards, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

The platform brings vital qualification steps into one portal. Automated emails and text reminders to candidates help reduce interview no-shows. Configurable interview scripts help recruiters standardize and qualify talent the same way across the organization.

“We perform paperless, electronic onboarding,” Hetrick said, “No matter the job or onboarding requirements, candidates can complete all the required forms from anywhere in minutes.”

EmployStream goes beyond documents and electronic signatures, from applications to background checks, quizzes, state and federal forms, offer letters, anything related to payroll, the list goes on and on and will pass the data to backend systems.

Next Steps

Customers report that EmployStream optimizes the process of moving candidates through the hiring process, reducing onboarding time by as much as 50 percent.

EmployStream continues to grow its customer base and, based on client experience, expand its product offerings and features. The primary driver for this industry-altering company is to deliver a best-in-class placement experience—for both staffing firms and candidates.