How Customers Find Efficiencies They Didn’t Know Were There with JadeTrack

Sustainability is a core value at JadeTrack, but this company is about so much more than hugging trees.

Jade Track is a cloud-based software platform that automates complicated sustainability data (i.e. for energy, water, waste, and supply chain) collection and reporting.  Companies can then make better decisions about how they use and conserve resources, such as energy or watpaer.

“We are about helping all types of organizations and businesses understand that there is a way to put forth a sustainability effort, using energy as the keystone of that effort,” said Susan Terry, JadeTrack president and chief strategy officer.

“Jade Track is about data consolidation,” she said. “It’s about automation, real-time monitoring and taking data from different points and adding a real time look at that data in order to take action.”

JadeTrack analytics give customers a way to understand the effects of their operational footprint and to then create a path to sustainability through operational efficient, more insightful planning, and ultimately cost and profitability impacts. JadeTrack’s secret sauce is in the ability to handle large amounts of data from many sources and trigger immediate response.

Serving school districts, corporations, and energy companies

“That data could be anything,” said Terry. “We pull it, normalize it, give graphs, trend lines, and other predictive analysis. That gives our customers data and the real time ability to take action as an integral part of business operations.”

Other tools in the marketplace present a static view based on look-back or a real-time view of what’s happening right now, but not a combined view of both.

“Specific to utility-related projects, JadeTrack uses historical and billing data, real time data, and data from building or equipment sensors as well as from other sources,” Terry said, “to help customers figure out what’s different in the last 20 seconds from the last 20 days. And if something is different, why?”

Awareness and opportunity are growing

From Wall Street to board rooms, executives and decision-makers are recognizing that environmental sustainability is a business challenge, not a “cause.”

“Each year,” Terry said, “we see more organization trying executive compensation to sustainability goals and more investors using a company’s sustainability planning as part of their investment decision criteria.”

Many firms begin with energy—reducing cost by reducing usage. Once companies gain better control over consumption, they begin looking for other ways to make an impact.

“The more we dig in, we are finding that many companies are rolling with sustainability initiatives,” Terry said. “Customers that do energy, move to water. Then they move to the supply chain to avoid waste and risk. Then they look to people to ensure that their relationships are sustainable.”

Whether the priority is cost, efficiency, or health and safety, it all adds up to the business problem of sustainability of the corporation—and that responsibility rolls up to the CEO.

“There is so much about our world that is finite,” said Terry. “Businesses have a real need to look at how they are operating. C-level executives are willing to take meetings with us. The fact that every single customer meeting is different is a good thing.  It’s validating the need. We do our best to pivot daily. The types of companies and businesses that find value in being our customers gets bigger every day.”

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JadeTrack is expanding its partner network and looking to add expertise in energy management consulting; energy/supply management firms; HVAC, automation, and specialty contractors, and software and service companies focused on facilities management. Contact JadeTrack today.