CONCUR | The Conscious Company Delivers Clean and Green Skincare

It’s always compelling to learn about where and how entrepreneurs get their ideas and inspiration. So many times, new companies spring from the commitment to improving people’s lives by making a big change in the world.

That’s the spirit behind CONCUR | The Conscious Company, a 100 percent organic solution to skin microbiome protection.

Company founder and CEO, Lindsey Moeller, lost her mother to environmental cancer in 2015. As Moeller and her family fought to find ways to improve her mother’s condition, Moeller, who holds a degree from The Ohio State University in biology/molecular genetics, found that alternative options (botanical medicine) helped her mother’s immune system fight the disease.

“For many reasons, it was not a course of treatment that could be continued,” said Moeller, “but it was an eye-opening experience. After my mother passed, I knew that I wanted to really understand the ins and outs of products and holistic healthcare.”

With her background in science and laboratory work, Moeller began formulating products. “Some of them failed,” she said. “Others produced amazing results. ”

Healthy Skin Starts with a Healthy Microbiome

“Our approach with CONCUR is to focus on ingredients that foster healthy bacteria, and build and protect the skin’s natural defense mechanism,” Moeller said.

CONCUR skin care products are soap-free, made fresh in small quantities and contain no preservatives, no stabilizers, no added fragrance, and no synthetics. Additionally, CONCUR products are always organic and cruelty-free. CONCUR products are made to order and shipped directly to customers.

“We approach our business differently than other companies in the health care industry,” Moeller said. “We think differently and operate differently and are the perfect solution for customers who are searching for a true natural option. We focus on finely balancing healthy bacteria. Read our ingredients—honey, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil. Everything is completely pronounceable. It’s food you could eat it.”

CONCUR has a dozen people working on the brand. Since beginning two years ago, the company has been bootstrapping its way, now operating out of a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse shared with two other startups.

“Coming from jobs with big-budget marketing, it’s been a change to find the right marketing approach and get in front of the right people with low-to-no budget marketing,” Moeller said. “It’s a grind and a hustle, but being an entrepreneur is rewarding, unlike anything else.”

Attention and market acceptance is growing. In just two years, CONCUR has signed up online and subscription customers, with a repurchasing rate close to 60 percent, well above the industry average of 31 percent. Skin care products featured in the 2017 Oscar gifting suites. Recently, the company is working to secure a contract with a major shopping channel, which is one of six company partnerships working to build the brand.

A Vision of Conscious Capitalism

In addition to producing great, healthy products that are better than any other alternatives, Moeller seeks to broaden the company’s commitment to customers and the marketplace.

“We care about bringing a level of consciousness into business through education and transparency,” she said. “CONCUR’s holistic skin care solution is the start to a bigger and broader conversation of healthier approaches to problem-solving, and that is the ultimate goal.”