Columbus Startups Lift Each Other Up over Dinner

Columbus startups are changing lives for the good

Last night we had dinner with 18 of our startup portfolio CEOs. We host these dinners periodically. Every time I leave with a renewed appreciation and respect for what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and with an extreme enthusiasm for the accomplishments and progress of this cadre of Ohio startups.

These companies are making life better for humanity. Some are improving treatment and finding cures for incurable diseases. Others are building solutions in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help their client companies better serve customers while saving money and time. Still others are bringing pleasure and fun with delicious gluten-free granola that tastes like crumbled cookies; an easy way to buy, sell, and share event tickets, and trendy apparel that promotes self-expression.

During our dinner, we recognized CEO Mike Triplett from Myonexus Therapeutics for the company’s success. (Read more about Myonexus’ transformative gene therapies and exit here.)

Then we went around the table with everyone introducing themselves and sharing good news about their companies. The good news ranged from exits at 100X the invested capital to sales growth of 300 percent year-over-year.

We love this group of entrepreneurs. Yes, they are changing Columbus. They are also changing the world.