Chypp Brings Affordable and Easy-to-Implement Same Day Deliver Capability to Shopping Malls and Online Retailers

The pandemic created a once-in-the-life-of-a-brand shift in retailing. E-commerce, which surged by more than 30 percent during the pandemic, is here to stay. Three-quarters of U.S. adults shop online, 57 percent of them at least once per month. Online shoppers want fast delivery and convenience, but they balk at shipping fees.

As more shoppers use e-commerce, fulfillment methods have continued to evolve to keep up with customer preferences. In the aftermath of the pandemic, Buy Online Pick-up In-store (BOPIS) has boosted the value proposition for retail stores. However, many consumers don’t want the extra step of driving to the store. Enter Chypp, a full-service e-commerce and same-day delivery solution for retailers, shopping malls, and e-commerce customers are leading the latest wave of fulfillment innovation.

“We work directly with shopping mall retailers,” said Jack Hendrix, Chypp CEO, “to facilitate a same-day delivery strategy. Every product on our website is being offered by the retailer directly. We do not deal with resellers. Our rallying cry is this: ‘If it’s not a scalable solution, it’s not a solution at all.”

Before founding Chypp (recently rebranded from, Hendrix worked in omnichannel store operations for Lululemon—a brand with one of the best omnichannel reputations. “That experience gave me insight into what it takes and what is possible,” he said.

A Logistics Model to Optimize and Innovate Last-mile Delivery

“We are believers in technology,” Hendrix said,” but more importantly, we believe in people and the community they create. This is part of why we are so supportive of shopping malls. Subscriptions include deliveries from both Easton and Polaris. These are marketplaces made up of stores with thousands of people servicing millions of customers.”

Shopping malls like these are Chypp’s primary market; there are about 400 to 600 of these premier centers across the country. Same-day delivery service and subscriptions for Easton Town Center are available now. Expansion beyond Columbus is planned for next year.

Chypp’s same-day delivery radius is about twenty miles from each shopping center. Orders placed by 3 p.m. EST will be delivered on the same day. Orders received after 3 p.m. will be delivered by the end of the next day.

“We view the mall as an optimized distribution center,” Hendrix said. Flexible ordering options include by shopping center, by retailer, brand, or type of purchase. Buyer scan sign up for a cost-effective delivery subscription to Chypp or pay per delivery. The firm’s logistics model optimizes routes for retail and includes drivers that deliver retail and retail only.

A range of fulfillment services for retailers and e-shoppers

Shoppers can purchase from their favorite retailers online through the Chypp Shop Marketplace. With Chypp Collect, they can place a pickup order with a favorite retailer, and Chypp will take it from there. Chypp Haul is for large deliveries—think chairs, closet systems, or giant TVs. A simple request form generates a local quote.

“We specialize. No fries or grocery orders,” Hendrix said. “We are the last person to hold a retailer’s product before it reaches the customer. Our drivers are trained to be ambassadors, to make the customer experience better.”