ChinaCache to Announce Cooperation with Inmobly to Improve Chinese Mobile Internet User Experience

Beijing, Jun 25, 2014 – ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (“ChinaCache” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CCIH), the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China, signed a memorandum of understanding with Inmobly, a leading mobile Internet service solutions provider in the US at the 2014 Global CDN Conference. Both parties will carry out in-depth discussions and R&D researches on China Internet application demands, development directions and supporting technical platforms, to improve terminal use experience of Chinese mobile Internet users, by building an application service platform suitable for China mobile Internet business.

Inmobly is America’s most innovative mobile Internet service solutions provider. Inmobly is committed to solving user experience issues of mobile users in access to 3G and 4G, providing tailored solutions to help content service providers, CDN service providers and infrastructure operators to solve speed and cost optimization issues related to content access.

With this cooperation, combining Inmobly’s product technology and operation experience with ChinaCache’s operating experience and China’s specific needs, both parties will launch jointly an application service platform suitable for China Internet to improve Internet use experiences for China’s intelligent mobile phone users, especially 3G/4G users, to optimize traffic distribution of 3G and 4G networks and help operators to save costs while improving their network transmission efficiency.

Mr. Wang Song, founder and CEO of ChinaCache, said : “With the cooperation with Inmobly, ChinaCache will further strengthen its cooperation with Internet video makers, to build the most valuable content recommendation and traffic optimization platform in China, and to provide high-quality, credible and reliable services for Internet sites, and offer more in-depth services for domestic content providers by means of cloud services, development toolkits and open interfaces.”

Dr. Hesham El Gamal, founder and CEO of inmobly, said: “We could not be more excited about this partnership. With the tremendous wealth of market knowledge and technical expertise ChinaCache brings to the table and our breakthrough technology, we are confident that we will bring unmatched value to the Chinese content providers, mobile carriers, and consumers.”

About ChinaCache

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: CCIH) is the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China. As a carrier-neutral service provider, ChinaCache’s network in China is interconnected with networks operated by all telecom carriers, major non-carriers and local Internet service providers. With more than a decade of experience in developing solutions tailored to China’s complex Internet infrastructure, ChinaCache is a partner of choice for businesses, government agencies and other enterprises to enhance the reliability and scalability of online services and applications and improve end-user experience. For more information on ChinaCache, please visit

About inmobly

Inmobly, inc. is the leading provider of over-the-top, SaaS mobile video content delivery solutions. Co-founded by Dr. Hesham El Gamal CEO and Dr. Nayer Wanas CTO, inmobly’s revolutionary technologies enable the world’s first true last mile content delivery via advanced, cloud-based, predictive analytics. As a complete mobile CDN solutions provider, inmobly is serving the full mobile ecosystem – decongesting mobile networks, reducing capital/operating expenses, and increasing revenues through superior performance and mobile user experiences. For more information on inmobly, please visit