CaringWire Partners with U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health and Walmart Health Virtual Care on Athletic Health and Wellness Solution

When Michael Sentz, CEO, talks about building CaringWire into an industry leader in digital health solutions, he likens the process to solving a jigsaw without having a picture on the box.

“While the task seems daunting, it’s about finding the right connections and creating a coherent picture. In today’s digital era, harnessing the power of technology to bridge gaps in healthcare has never been more crucial,” said Sentz.

At this, CaringWire excels.

CaringWire’s latest innovation extends the company’s unique approach to a new solution in the realm of athlete health and wellness. The company is teaming up with powerhouses like U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH), and Walmart Health Virtual Care to introduce the Holistic Athlete Health Solution (HAHS) program. The service is designed to meet the escalating demands that athletes confront.

Using Technology to Pair Care, Education, and Services in Real-time

“The HAHS program is designed as a form of concierge medicine,” Sentz said, “offering sport-specific care, on-demand, and by athletes for athletes. With 38 percent of female athletes and 22 percent of male athletes regularly feeling mentally overwhelmed, the need for such an encompassing program is undeniable. HAHS is more than just a health program; it’s a transformative solution addressing gaps in the current system.”

HAHS provides 24/7 smartphone access to health services tailored to athletes’ unique requirements. The program supports youth athletes, adult athletes, and their families. Services include mental health and behavioral support without delay. A year of extensive health coverage through HAHS can be more cost-effective than a single visit to urgent care.

“HAHS isn’t merely a product,” Sentz said. “It’s a movement toward a brighter future for athlete health and wellness. By endorsing this initiative, organizations don’t just offer unmatched athlete support; they elevate their stature within the sports community, showcasing an unwavering commitment to athlete well-being.”

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