Buckeyes Now: Exciting New App for Buckeyes Fans

by Ryan Helon, TechColumbus SVP, Investments


inmoblyInmobly’s newly released Buckeyes Now app got 5,000 downloads last weekend.

This free iPhone and Android app, which is based on an official partnership with OSU, gives users a personalize second screen game day experience, plus news, recent videos, stats, the latest game highlights and more for college football.

You can also personalize the app with your favorite teams, conferences, and news sources.

And the beauty is you don’t have to burn through your mobile data plan or endure downloading or buffering delays.

Inmobly’s apps are based on technology licensed out of The Ohio State University  which optimizes the downloading of mobile media content and uses predictive analytics to pre-download and cache content when you are in an area with WiFi.

The Inmobly app asks some questions about your viewing habits, observes the content you consume, anticipates what you will want to watch, and caches it before you ask. Think of it as “content-before-demand.”

Whether you are a football fan or not, Inmobly is well-positioned to deliver value to consumers, investors, and other key stakeholders:

  • Inmobly’s solutions are based on technology spun out of Ohio State University.
  • The company attracted $1.4M in syndicated investment capital, led by TechColumbus and Ohio TechAngel Fund III.
  • The technology addresses a big problem for a huge markets—mobile network bandwidth crunch as the demands for mobile media outpace mobile phone companies’ ability to improve infrastructure.
  • Inmobly has diversified development, with apps on both iPhone and Android platforms
  • If you’re rather listen to smooth jazz than football, Inmobly offers PAUL a free Android app that personalizes video and music to your phone from 13 popular mobile video and music sources, such as YouTube, ESPN, FoxSports, CNN, Fox News, SoundCloud, and Last.fm.
  • Inmobly already serves two enormous international markets with a soccer (football) app and a award-winning Arabic personalized news service that was a front-runner in the 2012 Silicon Valley Global Tech Symposium.
  • Inmobly’s business model creates revenue from multimedia content producers and mobile phone companies.
  • Inmobly creates jobs and has open positions for software engineers.

The football season may be almost over, but we still have the bowl games and NFL post-season play…and basketball, which is scheduled to be available on the Inmobly app by the end of the year.

Give Buckeyes Now a try.