Bosa Makes Task Management and Collaboration Easier to Save Time

Is there anyone who wouldn’t appreciate getting more done with less time and effort? If so, Anastasia Tarpeh-Ellis and EJ Oruche, co-founders of the life management platform Bosa, haven’t met them yet.

Bosa is an innovative approach designed to help subscribers accomplish tasks–any kind of task. “Come into Bosa,” said Tarpeh-Ellis, “and jot down what you need help with.”

Bosa can bring speed and efficiency to common tasks like finding a reliable babysitter, to more specialized tasks, like brainstorming the perfect itinerary for an anniversary trip to Hawaii, and to the truly unusual “asks,” like scheduling bagpipe lessons in the Midwest.

Bosa illuminates different patterns of resources and makes it easy for members to reach out to people in the Bosa network who can actually help move the task along.

“Bosa is not to be confused with a task list manager or a personal scheduler,” Tarpeh-Ellis said. “The aim of Bosa is not just tracking the task; it’s about accomplishing it creatively.”

How Bosa works

“Bosa helps people collect, connect, and complete everything they are thinking,” Tarpeh-Ellis said. “Bosa makes it easy for individuals who need help to tap into their community and connect with appropriate and willing resources to get the task done.”

Bosa subscribers easily add tasks to one centralized list available on a person’s desktop, tablet, and phone. Bosa helps connect those tasks to the right people from the subscriber’s family, friends, co-workers, and the larger Bosa community.

As people are added to each task, they can help complete it. It’s that community engagement that sets Bosa apart. Support ranges from a personal prompt on a “to do” to a specific suggestion on a car mechanic or math tutor. People who have used these services can tell a Bosa friend precisely the steps to follow—more understandably and more completely than from a website or chat scripts.

Market validation in Rev1 Learning Labs

“We’ve learned so much by talking to people,” Oruche said. “Working parents and moms are a great real-life model of individuals and groups who share resources and best practices. They feel the pain point of getting everything done. They have Bosa-behavior already. We are creating a more efficient way to accomplish the same thing. We are focusing our market testing on affinity groups in churches and neighborhoods.”

Over the past year, Oruche and Tarpeh-Ellis have been drawing on community resources to get things done. “Rev1 has been a big part of that,” Oruche said. “We met them through their investor startup studio, and they have been instrumental and encouraging in helping us find those additional resources. There is a specific workshop on customer research for companies that are testing out ideas, which was pivotal to us.”

Tarpeh-Ellis said that Rev1 even provided a dozen employees together to test features in the Bosa beta. “It was one of the biggest value adds. Not only did they give their time to test, but they also gave more time to offer feedback,” she said.

“We gave them a brief primer and then let them run to the hills with the Bosa app. They rallied around our community feature,” said Tarpeh-Ellis, “which they found on their own. They started adding tasks around things they wanted to accomplish—buying a home and furnishing an apartment. They naturally started supporting each other with comments and resources, demonstrating what we believe Bosa users will do automatically. It was eye-opening.”

Oruche finds Rev1 to be flexible and adaptable. “It is a journey, starting a company, to figure things out. They are willing to go on that journey with us. Rev1 just keeps at it. They figure things out. They have been one of our greatest partners so far.”

The next milestone for Bosa is a beta product launch. “In startup work, you hear a lot of voices,” Oruche said. “As founders, we must clarify that voice and convince people around us to listen and challenge us appropriately.”

Bosa has developed community partners who stand ready to support the product launch. “That group includes affinity groups, small companies, and startups interested in the early beta test,” Tarpeh-Ellis said.

“People’s lives can change as a result of what we can build,” Oruche said. “We can see the vision of what Bosa can be. That is cool and awesome. We trust in that mission and vision. If you talk to us, we will listen, learn, and build something great.”