A Time For Gratitude

I look forward to this week every year. It’s a special time to say thank you to the many individuals and groups who make such a difference to the progress of the entrepreneurial community here in Central Ohio.

There is really no better way to boost the well-being of an entire region than to boost the success of the innovators and entrepreneurs who invent products and services that lead to new companies, exciting jobs, and opportunities for a higher quality of life.

Our appreciation is especially strong this season.

It’s been almost a decade since launching Rev1 Ventures. Inspired by what we call the Backyard Effect, our region came together with an intentional collaboration across research institutions, corporations, and investors to team up to give entrepreneurs what they need to build new companies here. Together we’ve achieved more than $4.5 billion in cumulative impact—and so much more.

To each and every one of you…deepest appreciation, gratitude, and great respect.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the families and others important in your lives.