A Good Year for our Region

Congratulations to the Columbus Region and Happy New Year to All


The year 2022 has been memorable—for the Central Ohio region, for Rev1 Ventures, and for the entrepreneurs and innovators who are such a vibrant force in our shared economy.

Intel Corp.’s announcement of a $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing project set the pace, and the good news keeps coming. Economic leaders report that more than 45 companies have expanded resulting in 8,000 new jobs and just under $722 million in new payroll.

The wonderful thing about this is that the region’s growth pipeline is across so many industries, including manufacturing, information technology, electric vehicles and life sciences.

A landscape like ours in only possible with strong collaboration and partnership between every sector in the economy. At Rev1, we call that the Backyard Effect. We see it in Central Ohio every day as we work with entrepreneurs and startups at the earliest stages of business creation and growth.

Our clients benefit from starting their companies here, not in some other part of the country. Central Ohio is truly unique. We are at the top of the region’s economic funnel that Central Ohio’s corporations, research institutions, government entities, and investors have built.

We look forward to adding to the region’s ranks in 2023 by creating and growing more new companies.