7 New Companies Enter Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio

2021 may be coming to a close, but our work isn’t slowing down! We’re excited to announce the seven new companies entering Rev1’s Startup Studio.

These businesses are tackling solutions to some of the world’s biggest opportunities. Imagine the potential impact of an air conditioner that runs on renewable energy or of a platform that accelerates the decentralization of energy resources. One healthcare company helps senior care communities navigate complicated healthcare options while another helps physicians better diagnose ear disease. Two firms are in talent development and acquisition, and one group develops gaming and esports software. Learn more about them here.


CoolYield Labs is developing a 100 percent solar-driven air conditioner. The technology uses only water as a refrigerant, eliminating fluorinated greenhouse-gas emissions. CoolYield would eliminate most energy and cooling costs of traditional air conditioning systems.

iCarenetwork is a care management platform that connects senior healthcare providers and caregivers to support aging in place. iCarenetwork helps providers and caregivers achieve better outcomes and increase safety by improving information flow and merging shared data into care pathways. The platform enables collaborative care teams, automated workflows, and increased health literacy. https://www.icarenetwork.com/

Improving Interviews equips companies to hire talent faster and gain insights from the interview process by providing tools and information to candidates to allow them to perform better in the interviews. An automated feedback system for both candidates and companies integrates seamlessly with existing candidate tracking systems. Hirerq.com

Mastery Portfolio LLC helps schools significantly improve student success by collaboratively redesigning grading, assessment, and feedback practices. Schools engage Mastery Portfolio to drive student achievement through customized professional development and web-based tools for teachers. With The MasteryBook, the firm’s primary application, educators can implement and succeed with standards-based grading that supports teachers and celebrates progress with students and families. https://masteryportfolio.com/

Metactix provides gaming and esports software for the growing world of gaming and esports entertainment. The Metactix SaaS platform is used by game centers and arenas, school esports centers, and non-profits to provide an optimized and secure gaming experience while reducing costs and boosting revenue and gamer retention. www.metactix.com

Otologic Technologies is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help physicians better diagnose ear disease. The company’s software provides access to both human and AI-based clinical decision support so doctors can make more confident diagnoses for common and uncommon ear diseases The patented solution is based on technology developed at The Ohio State University and expanded with a grant from the National Institutions of Health (NIH). www.otologictech.com

Renewable Gas Advisors is creating a platform to accelerate the decentralization and digitalization of energy resources. The firm will develop and host products and services that unlock and enhance energy monetization opportunities at all scales.