5 Things to Do Now to Propel Your Business in 2023

In the fourth quarter of last year, nearly every conversation I had with entrepreneurs included at least some talk about where the economy was headed. After managing through the pandemic, talent wars, and choked supply chains, entrepreneurs wondered what else they were in for with the 2023 economy.

As a group, entrepreneurs are the most optimistic of people. They must be, or else how could they move the mountains they do? But as 2022 concluded, it wasn’t unusual to hear a slight note of weariness.

So, when one of those entrepreneurs—a woman I mentor informally—came at the challenges and unknowns of 2023 very differently, she gave me the idea for this article. After managing through the pandemic—a black swan event if ever there was one—she was carefully bold. Instead of pulling back, she took on risk. She had invested in talent and business development, and it was paying off. Her business was growing, but her payroll was growing, too.

She asked me a question that every entrepreneur would be well-served to ask in 2023. Rather than asking what I thought was going to happen with the economy, she asked: “What should I be doing now, no matter how this economy evolves?”

Here are some ideas from my article published in Entrepreneur.