5 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Support a Columbus Entrepreneur

It’s spring. The snow is over. The sun is out. We feel good. This is the time of year for planting seeds, so we thought we’d plant this seed with you.

Here are five easy things you can do to help a Central Ohio Startup succeed.

1. Bring local, nutritious food to your employees ON-SITE by signing up for one of Azoti’s easy, automated food subscription plans for your employees. There are workplace and home delivery options for fresh produce, meat, healthy prepared meals, and baked goods.

2. Invest in the future of your aspiring MBA all star with the 94Fifty Infomotion Smart Sensor Basketball and iPhone app from InfoMotion Sports Technologies.

3. Make a crowdsourcing investment (it can be as small as a buck, but $10 is better) in Juiceboxx, Inc. on Kickstarter. Juiceboxx, founded by two Ohio State students, makes a case that protects MacBook charger cords from fraying. The team was the first place undergraduate winner in the recent Ohio State business plan competition.

4. Tell an engaged friend or relative to check out Capstory, an easy and affordable way to collect all the images (photos and videos) taken throughout all their wedding events. Guests simply text images directly to a customized URL and address. All the candid shots from pre-wedding through the honeymoon can be captured forever. Capstory’s service and deliverables (photo books, editing, slide show and more) are remarkable and an amazing value.

5. Encourage an aspiring young performer to audition for the school or program of their dreams through Acceptd’s online application platform. Now in its third year, Acceptd has nearly 40,000 users and more than 5,600 programs have admitted Acceptd applicants. It’s easy and fun.

And if you have an entrepreneurial idea of your own, Get Started with Rev1 Ventures. It’s our mission to help entrepreneurs.