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We’re an investor startup studio that helps startups scale and corporates innovate.

Erika Bool and Tom Walker

People + Passion + Battle Scars

We’re a team of builders, investors, operators, and corporate innovators. We’ve been in the trenches, through the ups and downs of building strong companies. Our team helped launch more than 150 startups, invested in more than 300 companies, and supported 70+ successful exits. We are here to help you.

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Where brilliant solutions become reality.

Want to change the world? We can help. We’ve built a best-in-breed investor startup studio with a vision of making the Midwest a powerful magnet for diverse, high-growth startups. Our clients are building products that solve real problems for markets in need of real solutions.

Seamless prescription delivery.

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Career building for opportunity seekers.

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Minimizing employment risk.

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Empowering the most precise treatment.

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3Bar Biologics delivers a sustainable microbe inoculant system that help farmers increase crop yield without changing the way they plant.
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BeeHex is a robotics company modernizing food preparation and personalization with the 3D printing system of the future.
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Aware provides the solutions you need to address compliance, data governance and human behavior risk within enterprise collaboration networks.
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Overcomes barriers to gathering and processing data in challenging environments.
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A cloud-based platform provider that powers sales and demand forecast accuracy with insights into factors that drive enterprise performance.
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MentorcliQ drives employee engagement, development, and retention through an award-winning mentoring approach and technology.
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