Recovery Fund Terms & Conditions

In order to submit this application, you must certify the following:

  • Your business is located within Franklin County. If you are applying for City funding your business is located within the City of Columbus, while if you are applying for County funding your business is located within the balance of Franklin County, but outside of the City of Columbus
  • Your business has twenty-five or fewer employees
  • You have lost business income as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak and corresponding government orders and declarations
  • You have no outstanding obligations (taxes, fines and/or fees) owed to the City of Columbus or any other local political subdivision including Franklin County
  • You will use the proceeds of capital provided to cover only business-related expenses
  • You agree to participate in quarterly check-ins with a designated technical assistance partner
  • You do not operate in gambling or liquor, adult entertainment, or other similar industries
  • All information contained in this application is, to the best of your knowledge, information, and belief, accurate and complete
  • For Franklin County funding, your business has not had a COVID19-related public health violation


You also agree for certain data provided to be used to verify any outstanding obligations (taxes, fines, and/or fees) owed to the City of Columbus, or any other local political subdivision, including Franklin County.

  • Applicants are agreeing for the City and County to provide select information to the Income Tax Division (ITD) and the County Auditor for verification of the applicant’s tax standing (balances and payments) prior to awards being made under The Columbus-Franklin County COVID-19 Small Business Response and Recovery Fund.  The Office of Small Business and Entrepreneur Development (OSBED, within the Department of Development for the City) and the Franklin County Economic Development & Planning Division will each provide encrypted spreadsheets containing the applicant first and last name, EIN/SSN, business legal name, business street address, business city/state/ZIP code, and number of business’s employees to their respective taxing divisions for tax verifications. These respective units of the City and County will research applicant businesses within their records and provide a Yes or No response to OSBED and Franklin County Economic Development regarding whether applicant business is current on all taxes (Yes) or not current (No). This response will be used to evaluate a business’s eligibility for funds


A materially false statement willfully or fraudulently made in connection with this application may result in rendering the submitting company ineligible with respect to the program, and, in addition, may subject the person making the false statement to criminal charges.