“You Don’t Have to Be a Certain Way to Get to a Certain Point.”

That’s a quote from Rev1 Ventures COO Kristy Campbell from the podcast series Women of Influence. This series features powerful women discussing their careers and the journey of getting where they are today.

Kristy has been working with startups for about the last 20 years. Once she experienced what it was like to work in a startup company, she says there was no turning back, that unlike in larger organizations, there’s no box around a startup team member’s role.

“I like seeing the full circle, being exposed to multiple areas, and helping a business grow from the ground up,” Kristy told Columbus Business First reporter Emily Bench.

Kristy also leads Rev1’s inclusive entrepreneurship efforts—our focus on connecting the assets, programs, and non-profits to reduce bias and improve access to resources and capital for women and minority inventors and entrepreneurs.

“The premise is that we are building inclusion and diversity into the fabric of entrepreneurship and not just in the work that Rev1 does as an entrepreneur hub,” Kristy said. “A bright spot is that last year, looking at the 36 companies we invested in at Rev1, half have women or minority leaders.

If you would like to hear what it’s been like reaching the C-suite in the startup world, listen to the full podcast here.

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