#StartupCBUS Resources In The Columbus Region

Successful entrepreneurs know it can’t be done alone. It’s important to ask for help when you need it. However, identifying that you need help is only half the battle.

So many times, entrepreneurs are sent into a round-about: bouncing from resource to resource without ever finding the support they really need. How do you know where to turn next?

This is why we created the #StartupCBUS Resource Page.

Serving as an all-encompassing compilation of resources available for entrepreneurs within our community and throughout our state, entrepreneurs can independently identify resources and organizations that fit their industry, unique needs and find it all near their location.

We think you’ll be surprised to see the amount of support surrounding startups in the region. Check it out and find who could be a resource for you today!

If you notice that we missed something that should be added to the list, send the suggestion to us.