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Ohio BioScience Startup Featured in NCBiotech Showcase

3Bar Biologics was one of just 12 featured companies selected to present at the fourth annual Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase 2016 at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in the Raleigh/Durham Research Triangle Park on May 17.

3Bar helps farmers increase crop yields organically. The company provides a novel delivery system, university-proven beneficial biologicals, and a supply chain model that has less waste and lower costs.

“This event was an opportunity for people working in this industry to come together and see the latest from cutting edge startups. It was a forum to meet potential investors, and for us, it was also an opportunity to meet industry partners who might be interested in joint development work,” said Bruce Caldwell, 3Bar CEO.

3 Bar was chosen from an international pool of startups with breakthrough technologies for crop and animal health advancements. An exciting development for 3Bar is industry interest in the company’s unique microbe delivery system.

“There are lots of other beneficial microbes discovered in research that haven’t been commercialized yet because they need an easy way to activate the microbe at the point of use,” said Caldwell.

“We’ve figured out how to enable the farmer to get the benefit of a freshly grown population of our microbes from Ohio State. As I talk with other companies and researchers, they are seeing the potential of our delivery system for additional applications,” he said.

NCBiotech hosts The Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase annually to drive commercialization by presenting investment-ready ag technologies to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, tech scouts, researchers, and others.

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