Ohio Companies Enter Rev1 Investor Startup Studio

Several new startups are working with us in the Rev1 investor startup studio, including spinouts from The Ohio State University underscoring OSU’s commitment to expanding our region’s pipeline of promising startups. These and other startups in this recent cohort are developing solutions that range from an online testing platform that helps eliminate the need for brick-and-mortar test centers, to a company that helps people rent out extra space, to a technology that offers facial recognition.

Meet the companies:

CaringWire: Baby Boomers are stressed by the responsibilities of caring for their aging parents. They need help, answers, and coordination of care. Current resources are fragmented making the process arduous. By utilizing technology, CaringWire offers reliable care coordination by employing a trusted local network of providers to enable caregivers and their families to identify resources that make caring for their loved ones easier.

NXTSTOR: This peer-to-peer marketplace provides a platform for those with extra space—whether it be a garage, spare room, or basement—a means to connect with those who need that type of space to store items.


Online Emotion: Based on patented technology originally developed at The Ohio State University (OSU), Online Emotion offers comprehensive and accurate recognition of facial expressions, emotions, and non-verbal behavior. Industry applications range from real-time evaluation of a driver’s attentiveness (automotive); to evaluation of a patient’s well-being or pain (healthcare), to the emotional reaction of customers in a store (retail) or the playing experience of a video or cellphone gamer. Online Emotion licenses their existing technology, software, and databases, and works with clients to develop applications where needed.


RADApp:  Based on technology spun out of The Ohio State University (OSU),  RADApp is a mobile application (Android and iOS) solution for centralized distribution of information to improve workflow, communication, networking, education, and patient safety in the medical education setting.

Rosalyn.ai: An AI exam proctoring platform, Rosalyn makes online assessments highly secure and truly scalable using AI. With Rosalyn.ai organizations can assess employees and students at their home or office, online and on-demand, with higher test security.


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