Clarivoy Maximizes Return on TV Advertising


Imagine being a TV advertiser. Maybe you sell cars, build houses or provide insurance.

Imagine then that a pair of Columbus entrepreneurs comes to you with a new tool that measures the effectiveness of your television advertising so that you can maximize the return on your spending.

What if that tool could help your company

    • Use TV advertising to drive more traffic to your web site,
    • Link TV commercials directly to sales, or
    • Make in-flight and future recommendations to your TV campaigns.

That’s the opportunity that Clarivoy offers to regional and national brands and agencies—and it’s as easy as signing up for a free trial.

People watch TV differently today. Advertisers need new ways to measure effectiveness.

TV continues to be a big part of people’s lives (and typically the largest share of advertisers’ media spending), but the way we watch TV has changed.

Most of us, according to a Google study, watch TV while concurrently using a smartphone or tablet.

Similar studies further report

    • The average American still watches four to five hours of live TV every day,
    • 65 percent of search impressions are attributable to TV advertising, and
    • 67 percent of people have used multiple devices concurrently to shop online.

Putting all that together, savvy advertisers realize that today’s TV advertising decisions can’t be based solely on TV show ratings, but must be based on the ability of advertising to drive business outcomes.

Clarivoy’s technology does just that for advertisers and agencies.

Clarivoy helps deliver TV advertising to audiences that are known to respond. 

Clarivoy’s TV Analytics™, an online cloud-based platform, uses proprietary algorithms, anonymous identifying tags, and actual viewer data to map clients’ online traffic to television viewing while protecting user privacy. 

Bridging the worlds of TV, digital, and offline data all while managing privacy is not for the faint of heart.

That’s why the company is relentless about simplifying things for their customers. “If you think the Internet is complicated,” Clarivoy CEO Steve White said, “ TV is a whole different world in terms of complexity.”

Clarivoy’s clean and simple dashboard interface tells the advertiser which networks, shows and time slots, and TV ads drive online response, and whether that response results in a sale.

Is it better to use broadcast TV or cable? Prime time or late night news? Food Network or History Channel? Advertisers can measure and compare the impact of ads across networks and spots.

“We can tell the next day how their TV spots are driving sales, both online and offline,” White said. “We give our clients information that they can use to increase the accuracy of their targeting.”

Customers also benefit when advertising becomes more relevant, providing needed information and contributing to a buying decision.

“Good advertising should be useful to the customer; it should be content that customers want to consume,” said White.

Clarivoy customers are talking about what they’ve achieved.

There’s no better boost for a new way of doing things than hearing from customers who have reduced costs and increased sales. “It’s been great to get feedback from C-level executives and major brands in Columbus,” said Matt Reid, Clarivoy president.

Consider the experience of Andy Mohr Automotive Group, the largest car dealership group in Indiana. TV advertising plays a big role in building Andy Mohr’s brand. Clarivoy’s TV Analytics™ pinpointed where Mohr’s ads had the most response and which channels and program times attracted the most website visitors.

Andy Mohr Automotive reduced their total spend by 15 percent, reallocated the cable budget for each store to more effective programming, and still increased year-over-year sales for 2014.

“We were able to reduce their TV spend by 15 percent, and their sales went up for the year,” White said.

Another Clarivoy client, M/I Homes, an entrepreneurial family business that grew to be a national leader in the new home building industry, saw a 189 percent increase in website visits attributable to TV after Clarivoy enabled them to fine-tune their TV advertising.

Turning What If…into What Is.

Clarivoy has developed groundbreaking technology that is easy to implement and drives better outcomes from their customers’ data.

Data is interesting, but overwhelming. Insight that drives sales is invaluable.

That’s the kind of insight that Clarivoy provides, insight that turns What If into What Is.