2019 Startup Impact Report

Every year we release our annual Startup Impact Report, featuring stories of the entrepreneurs and innovators who are the lifeblood of our startup ecosystem in Central Ohio. While the accomplishments of 2019 seem light-years away in our new world, we are proud of the successes of our startup community last year.

Our clients collectively generated $566MM in impact to our region through revenue generated, capital attracted, and successful exits. Rev1 funded 35 unique companies, including 11 spinouts from our region’s world-renowned research institutions, and also launched our second life science fund: Rev1 Catalyst Fund II.

Read the Startup Impact Report here.

The same spirit, tenacity, and creativity that drove amazing results in 2019 is propelling entrepreneurs and their teams to survive, pivot, and adapt in 2020. Practically overnight, they’ve had to adjust their plans to address new markets and new needs.

We don’t know when “normal” begins or what that will even look like in a post-COVID world. However, lasting changes will be with us, in many ways for the better, as we all look to support entrepreneurs that have been underserved and underrepresented. Let us use this transformative time as an opportunity for growth and new ideas, and working to build a bigger, stronger, and more inclusive community.

The innovators like those featured within our Startup Impact Report, are helping rebuild our economy and drive us into the future. It is our good fortune to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs, community partners, corporations, cities, counties, the state, and Ohio Third Frontier to support the businesses that serve as the engine for economic growth. Ohio’s entrepreneurs are in the driver’s seat. We’re proud to support them with strategic services and sustainable infrastructure now and always.