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Demo Day: The Big Ask

Big Ask

If I had to choose just one word to describe what’s happening on the Columbus startup scene, I’d choose momentum. We were named the fastest growing city for startup activity in 2015 and the #1 region for scaling startups on a per capita basis in 2016.

Nowhere is the proof of that momentum stronger than at Demo Day 2016, a unique opportunity, in one afternoon, to get up close and personal with 10 of the best young technology businesses in the Columbus region.

Here’s what I mean by best of the best.

  • Demo Day companies are real. This isn’t some Wizard of Oz strings behind the curtain event. These companies have created and validated solutions that the marketplace wants to buy. They’ve built prototypes and created jobs. (Take a fast look at the open positions on the Rev1 Jobs Board.) They’ve signed up customers and business partners. They’ve raised capital. At Demo Day, they’ll show you the proof.
  • Demo Day features entrepreneurs and their customers. There’s no one who can tell the story of a startup’s success better than a founding entrepreneur—except possibly a first customer. At Demo Day, we’ll hear from early customers who are so delighted, they have filmed their praise.
  • Demo Day attracts an engaged mix of business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs, from Central Ohio and beyond. Folks come to Demo Day because they recognize that entrepreneurship is happening here, and they want to participate. If you want to see what all the buzz is about, Demo Day is the single best way to sample the excitement first-hand.

And now for the “ask.”

Demo Day startups didn’t get where they are without tremendous help and direct support from individuals and companies here in Columbus. We are the most connected city in the Midwest. Our Backyard Effect is real.

That help and support wasn’t random or ad hoc. It was defined and directed toward specific startup needs through First Connect.

  • Mentors and Advisors – 1,997 hours donated
  • Expert Services – $2.1MM in discounted services
  • Qualified customer leads – 104
  • Jobs promoted – 87

If you are an active participant in the First Connect network, you already know how great it feels to work hands-on and heart-in to help one of our city’s tenacious startup teams achieve the milestones that move them from concept to revenue. Maybe you’ve also enjoyed the karmic benefits of building professional and personal relationships that can last for years.

If you haven’t yet engaged with a startup through First Connect, this introduction to the 2016 Demo Day companies is a great way to find a fit.

One of the best things about Columbus is that we are a city that works together. Nowhere is that more apparent than at Demo Day. See the full list of companies attending our 2016 Demo Day below. To register, go to our Demo Day website.

Demo Day 2016 Company Logos-01

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