About Matt Chimes

Matt leads Rev1’s startup dealflow sourcing efforts. He proactively sources companies and is the first touch point for the more than 1,000 entrepreneurs who reach out to Rev1 each year. Matt connects entrepreneurs into Rev1’s pipeline of programs, services, and capital as well as Rev1’s Corporate Innovation Partners’ dealflow. He is the go-to resource for founders looking to get in touch with Rev1.

Matt has worked with entrepreneurs and B2B software throughout his career where he previously led startup funding programs at Startups.com and integrated digital tech products for Fortune 500s during his time in management consulting. If Matt is not meeting with an entrepreneur, he is probably listening to his Release Radar on Spotify and crunching data on founder/portfolio heuristics in venture capital. He’s an advocate for Rev1’s data-driven approach to entrepreneurship, producing insights and market intelligence based on Rev1’s dealflow channels and portfolio.

As a recovering pre-med graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.S.B.A. focused on logistics supply chain, Matt dreams about optimized systems, the future of transportation, and geeks out to the latest preventative health innovations.